Get a Custom
Instant Cash offer
QR Code

where to use a custom qr code

tv ad spots

Make use of existing TV ad campaigns by adding a QR code to the screen that alerts the audience that your dealership buys cars.

window clings & Hang Tags

Adding an Instant Cash Offer QR code to your inventory can help move your customers deeper into the purchasing funnel by inviting them to get a trade-in offer for their current vehicle that can be applied to the vehicle they're interested in on the lot.

business cards

Having the ICO QR code printed on business cards makes it easy for customers to grab an updated offer for their vehicle as both market conditions, as well as their vehicle's condition, may have changed.

Service Department

The Service Department is a prime resource for generating inventory using QR codes to drive Kelley Blue Book ® Instant Cash Offer opportunities.

Strategically placed QR codes in the service waiting area, on customer paperwork or on mediums such as table tents can all create awareness to your customers that you're an Instant Cash Offer Participating Dealer.

print media

For all newspaper, fliers, donations to local charitable causes and other print ads, adding a QR code is a great way to lead customers to get their Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer!"


Is there a cost?

Our QR codes are offered at no cost to Participating Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer dealers.

Does the QR have to direct to ICO?

The QR code does not have to direct to your dealer's unique ICO landing page. Some dealers have chosen to direct the customer to a custom page on their dealer website that provides more information about their internal trade-in or vehicle purchasing procedures. Other dealers have used our QR codes to target an ICO mini-site. The default URL destination is to your dealer's unique ICO landing page, but we can amend that target to direct to any ICO-related URL that you may have instead.

How do I request a QR code?

Your ICO Performance Manager or Implementation Specialist can make the request on your behalf. Simply let the representative know that you're interested in receiving a custom QR code and they'll be happy to assist.

How long does it take to receive?

As with anything, turnaround times are subject to the existing queue of requests, but typically a QR code request is completed within 2-3 business days of receipt.