ICO Hang Tags are Now Here

Before they go, make sure they know that you want their car! Our ICO dealer Hang Tags are a great way to promote that your dealership is a Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Participating Dealer.

Important Information

Upon ordering, you’ll be provided with a ready-to-print .pdf file with your dealer’s unique ICO Hang Tag. The file has been designed to be printed on a common 8.5×11 hang tag card stock, which are readily available for purchase from a variety of paper suppliers. Here are a few non-affiliated suppliers, for your convenience:

Amazon – Full Page

Amazon – 2 Up (Vertical)

Great American Automotive Products & Supplies

SSW Dealer Supply

These vendors are meant only to serve as example suppliers. These are non-affiliated links, and KBB makes no guarantees regarding product quality, supply of stock, or other transactional experiences.

You may also choose to provide the file to a local printer to have the hang tags printed for you. 

Any resizing, or additional adjustments to the contents of the hang tag are the responsibility of the dealer and must conform to the KBB Instant Cash Offer Advertising Guidelines.

How to Order?

Contact your Cox Automotive Instant Cash Offer representative to place an order for your custom KBB Instant Cash Offer Hang Tag. This Hang Tag is available to you at no additional cost. Order yours today!

Choose from 3 Hang Tag Designs

New Full Page:

New 2 Up: